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Do you prefer Lifehouse or Coldplay? - coldplay. i really liked their re... 35 choco_milk Noldork 1 day ago
Who has done more to divide the USA: the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? 17 ClarencY DragonKnife 1 day ago
If gay marriages are legalized in America, should polygamy be legal too? 157 yvetterene DragonKnife 2 days ago
Do you want fries with that ? - YES, PLEASE. ... 30 Ramones99 DragonKnife 2 days ago
Does it bother you when people use the wrong punctuation? - That would de... 29 HaroldtheBat DragonKnife 2 days ago
Is taking pride in your area code a bay-area only thing? - I`ve heard it ... 36 mynameismike DragonKnife 2 days ago
Are you your own worst enemy? - This question may prove your 16 TurboBronson DragonKnife 2 days ago
Are there Neo-Nazis in your town? - I don`t know any personally, but when... 23 tracylwill DragonKnife 2 days ago
Have you donated to Wikipedia? - You can donate? ... 21 CocoCow DragonKnife 2 days ago
Can you count the number of people you've slept with on one hand? - I sa... 23 ladiesfirst9 DragonKnife 2 days ago
Is Donald Trump racist? - Lol ... 20 theBSR DragonKnife 2 days ago
Do you think we rely too much on calculators to do math these days? - I d... 34 YellowStar DragonKnife 2 days ago
Do you allow yourself to feel emotionally vulnerable? - Only when I feel ... 24 kraftycows DragonKnife 2 days ago
As you grew older, have you become more liberal or conservative? - I have... 3 KotoKlepto treyarch 4 days ago
Have you ever crushed on a fellow YT member? - haha, I guess ... 46 Darkjupiter DayGoddess 4 days ago
Which KUWK sister would win in a fight? - I think Kim would win in a 1on1... 4 Puller DangerDude 5 days ago
Do you like thunderstorms? - Love them. It doesn`t happen very often her... 37 HaroldtheBat DangerDude 7 days ago
Is there anyone that you cannot forgive? - Nope ... 33 fighttherain DangerDude 7 days ago
Was Chairman Mao really a fascist? - I honestly have no idea.... 11 delight DangerDude 7 days ago
If you're in a relationship, do you consider flirting with the opposite sex to be cheating? 26 habs Puller 7 days ago
Have you ever had a dream where one or all of your teeth fall out? - No,... 23 Tartarus88 Puller 7 days ago
If you could choose between $5 million dollars in cash or the ability to have sex with anyone you meet in person, what would be your choice? 42 HardRocks Puller 7 days ago
Are you an excellent driver? - No. never. ... 37 Coinvolta psyndrone 7 days ago
Do you like the new, mobile version of YT? - No, it looks horrible on my ... 16 HardRocks PhotoNicole 8 days ago
Are you born polygamous or is it a choice? - I would say choice. B... 13 BlackBird77 amaqdrinker 8 days ago

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