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Has the Democratic Party turned into the anti-Trump party? - By the same ... 4 _Ghoul_ Inquizitor2 6 days ago
Which is the greater sin: being boring or being weak in character? - Niet... 26 MamboTomato _Ghoul_ 9 days ago
Did your parents ever cut your hair to punish you? - Sucks man, it`s tort... 17 thisone1 _Ghoul_ 11 days ago
If the 2020 election comes down to Trump vs. Sanders, who would you rather have as president? 9 sneaker31 RandomUser34 14 days ago
ketchup or mayonnaise? - Mix `em together! ... 21 needs_ammo bookworm0812 17 days ago
Are mass shootings an acceptable by-product of the right to bear arms? 86 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 18 days ago
Do you like Grimes? - I tried to like her in like 2014, but honestly, her... 6 _Ghoul_ Abzurd 23 days ago
Should I be the one to pick YT up from the depths of hell and make this website great again? 26 Kraken skyfish 1 mo ago
Do you remember? - I forget. ... 19 womersley _Ghoul_ 1 mo ago
Pugs or Corgis? - I want a pug so bad. ... 22 DoYouWash BlackBird77 1 mo ago
Have you ever typed a comment out, knowing full well you weren't going to post it? 14 Dainty amaqdrinker 2 mos ago
Is technical work consistent with business strategies? - Realistic practi... 2 Mat catchall 2 mos ago
How long is your longest active PM? - 999 or less the longest one I have ... 92 Blondie... psyndrone 3 mos ago
Which surrealist painter do you prefer, René Magritte or Salvador Dali ? 12 Abzurd Abzurd 3 mos ago
Do you ever wear socks two days in a row? - No. Socks and chonies go in ... 31 HaroldtheBat Abzurd 3 mos ago
Have you ever worked a minimum wage job? - Yes. My 1st job was at a Suno... 13 snarf Sammy 3 mos ago
Naps with socks: Yes or no? - It`s a darn tough decision. ... 25 IRLIteach bookworm0812 4 mos ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 15 QueenBurns Angelica79 4 mos ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 16 Sammy Angelica79 4 mos ago
Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? - So 64% have had one pointed at ... 18 marc780 Angelica79 4 mos ago
Do you prefer Pringles with dip or without? - I prefer them without dip. ... 24 WigglesFT Angelica79 4 mos ago
Was your high school named after a person? - [link] ... 22 Abzurd Angelica79 4 mos ago
Have you ever gotten a passport and then never used it before it expired? 10 TWiseboober Angelica79 4 mos ago
Do you p*rnounce it data or data? - DUPLICATE QUESTION YOU NOOB [link]... 4 CuckingFunt brandon00 4 mos ago
Have you read "Escardy Gap"? - I have and it is a very good book. I highl... 3 QueenBurns Mat 5 mos ago

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