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Do you think Kim Jong-un is dead? - I would think he is, but I guess we`l... 4 mikegrella SasukeZ 8 days ago
Do you have a favorite flavor of Vitamin Water? - I hate Vitamin water. ... 27 DruidMoon Puller 11 days ago
Do you p*rnounce the biscuits Nice like the French city or the concept of kindness? 7 peledavid16 SasukeZ 11 days ago
Would you adopt a pet that will probably outlive you? - Not talking about... 5 Abzurd Inquizitor2 15 days ago
Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore? - it gets to you sometimes. ... 1 orangefanta orangefanta 17 days ago
How do you feel America is handling the COVID-19 outbreak? - Its so over ... 8 Emogirl1314 bookworm0812 21 days ago
Have you lost or gained more than 100 pounds after turning 18? - Since bi... 22 snowbdr88 psyndrone 26 days ago
Would you rather be in great shape and moderately successfully at work, or fat and out of shape but extremely successful at work? 8 Mat CowDung 27 days ago
Have you ever moved to another continent? - No, I don`t intend to, I`m fi... 5 Bogdanek mikegrella 29 days ago
Is Rock and Roll here to stay? - fisrt!!!!!!111!!!1!! ... 22 dortitties TartarSauce 1 mo ago
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? - I follow my own fashion rules.... 28 thisone1 GoManGo 1 mo ago
How do you p*rnounce Caribbean? - I say it both ways. ... 9 womersley GoManGo 1 mo ago
Is it 2020? - No. ... 9 peledavid16 GoManGo 1 mo ago
Which show do you prefer over the other? - I like the office better becau... 4 snarf mikegrella 1 mo ago
Should assisted suicide be made legal? - I`m really torn on this. Initial... 26 WigglesFT Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Have you ever changed political party affiliation? - I have never had a p... 17 CowDung orangefanta 1 mo ago
Have you seen a psychiatrist lately? - Mine rescheduled, so I had to wait... 12 QueenBurns bluedaisy11 2 mos ago
Are people with '69' in their names more likely to be sl*ts/perverts? - I... 68 electric bluedaisy11 2 mos ago
Women: Would you be a surrogate mother? - For those who may not know, a s... 12 womersley bluedaisy11 2 mos ago
Are mass shootings an acceptable by-product of the right to bear arms? 88 amaqdrinker bluedaisy11 2 mos ago
If you knew a YTer had cheated on their drug test, would you report it to their work? 57 HaroldtheBat bluedaisy11 2 mos ago
Do you prefer hamburgers or chicken burgers? - A`ll eat mah way through a... 36 The King TartarSauce 2 mos ago
Are meatballs better on a sandwich or on spaghetti? - I`ve never been ver... 33 HaroldtheBat Bigoldmike 2 mos ago
Do you prefer indie or mainstream stuff generally? - I`m a major Beatle`s... 19 samsprinkle Shockwire 2 mos ago
Have you ever gone above the 100th floor in a building over 100+ stories tall? 7 CowDung Abzurd 3 mos ago

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