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Silence soon. - Going to a very silent place. Regrouping with soaking in... 584 amaqdrinker CowDung 22 mins ago
Yees!! Halloween - Hope you guys are busy preparing and decorating for H... 2 atieno snarf 23 mins ago
Exhausted just wanna listen to the beach boys and cry - And I`m so exhau... 8 HunnyDew HunnyDew 31 mins ago
I need serious help - Guys, I don’t know what do to anymore. I feel... 8 Kyung-Jun atieno 2 hrs ago
Halloween fun - What are you all doing? Show me your decorations. Tell... 22 postallbear atieno 2 hrs ago
Door dash - Sometimes you gotta spoil yourself Don`t wanna go out. Don`t... 4 Catfights1 atieno 2 hrs ago
Remember me? - No? Probably not. Its been at least 5 years based off the ... 13 AstroZombie atieno 2 hrs ago
Remembering YT members 2 - You can`t delete this one. I miss Shak.... 198 Kraken Puller 3 hrs ago
Anyone else have a strange attraction to Ned Flanders? Pt.1 - It all star... 17 HunnyDew jealousblues 11 hrs ago
Not all who are lost wander. - Some lost people just waste away in conven... 36 Eyelovekoth CoffeeWomyn 1 day ago
How do you guys feel about scholarships? - So, scholarship season has ope... 21 eggsandrice CoffeeWomyn 1 day ago
Oi! - Migraines. After my criminal record I can`t get a job. It`s karma.... 5 EstoyJodido CoffeeWomyn 1 day ago
Starbucks and the military - I`ve heard many negative comments regarding... 54 Rainbath CoffeeWomyn 1 day ago
My wedding! - It will be a bit before I get my professional ones from the... 43 NarcoticNico orangefanta 1 day ago
Still yucky still icky - I just want a grilled cheese. I don`t even care... 2 HunnyDew StarLitEyeZ 2 days ago
new bracelet - I ordered this today. The design is in morse code for fec... 12 tulip CowDung 2 days ago
Hello, hello, hello. - I`m back. Maybe for a while. Here to entertain, to... 38 thisone1 Minimalist 3 days ago
10-16-20 - Today was a exhausting day. So many things you wouldn`t think ... 5 CharBear Balloon08 3 days ago
On a scale of blundering virgin to berserk... 438 Rag_Doll_ Balloon08 3 days ago
I miss Leonard Cohen - I miss Cohen. I wish there was more poems for me ... 7 1-800vertigo Balloon08 3 days ago
Haven't been on in a while I guess an update - So Sunday it was my birthd... 5 McKenzie123 Balloon08 3 days ago
My toe hurts - I banged my right p!nky toe against the laundry basket. ... 17 Dkoop95 Balloon08 3 days ago
You might be a Trump supporter if... - Sort of a spin on the Jeff Foxwort... 14 postallbear Balloon08 3 days ago
Intro - Hi youthinkers! New here. My mind is open - let’s talk. D... 25 Mindskrewd Balloon08 3 days ago
VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLARE!!!! - CANTARE!!!! [image]... 10 CuckingFunt Balloon08 3 days ago

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