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Silence soon. - Going to a very silent place. Regrouping with soaking in... 62 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 3 hrs ago
My cousin Johnathan - It turns out Johnathan Dayton is a 4th cousin 7 tim... 11 tulip Puller 4 hrs ago
My wedding! - It will be a bit before I get my professional ones from the... 27 NarcoticNico Puller 4 hrs ago
You As You...MASK - Show us your masks!... 97 Damsel postallbear 5 hrs ago
Remembering YT members 2 - You can`t delete this one. I miss Shak.... 158 Kraken Sammy 10 hrs ago
On a scale of blundering virgin to berserk... 396 Rag_Doll_ CowDung 17 hrs ago
Too Much Two - My other journal hit the limit and I am not done discussin... 278 Damsel Damsel 20 hrs ago
My CA- RO- NA - Might as well journal this since I`m not going anywhere f... 393 postallbear snowbdr88 1 day ago
Hi. It's been X days - You know that scene in the last Matrix movie where... 24 EhFahQ snowbdr88 1 day ago
I should make a Bumble date chronicles series. Also, I kinda feel like a heaux. 21 eggsandrice snowbdr88 4 days ago
dammit my surgery was postponed again - 2nnd time they rescheduled. I ne... 41 tulip Damsel 4 days ago
Get up, come on get down with the sickness - I travel to Evansville IN e... 79 snarf snarf 6 days ago
Facebook conspiracy theories - So I`ve been seeing lots of new conspiracy... 9 snowbdr88 snowbdr88 8 days ago
Dead crows in Texas? - [image] The Texas Department of Transportation (Tx... 7 snowbdr88 Damsel 8 days ago
I have a mystery on my hands... - Can anybody tell me what type of bird t... 8 Krymson Damsel 11 days ago
UpKate - A kate update brought to you by kate. Haven’t done journal... 28 kateummslala snarf 11 days ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CPAYNE - You are the BEST I hope you have a wonderful day!... 13 racmoron peledavid16 12 days ago
Your weaknesses 11 Rag_Doll_ postallbear 12 days ago
Is the Mandela effect real? - Can something happens that ultimately chang... 6 Chowaniec snowbdr88 13 days ago
I NEED MEAT HELP 8 SleepyJean CowDung 14 days ago
quarantine summer - This summer has been pretty uneventful. Aside from vi... 3 Catbug McKenzie123 16 days ago
Too Much - There is too much homework this week. Two of my classes are s... 1002 Damsel amaqdrinker 16 days ago
So I did a thing, tonight. - [image] [spoiler]... 2 snowbdr88 CuckingFunt 16 days ago
Damn kitty ruined my chances at morning sex... - It`s looking very likely... 7 ClarencY postallbear 16 days ago
No such thing as dogs 20 10000cats CroJu 17 days ago

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