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What are three things you like about yourself? - For me... 1-my ability t... 26 Spoonerism BlackBird77 55 mins ago
Is this real life? - Is it just fantasy... 14 Spoonerism BlackBird77 1 hr ago
More Moaning About Cars - I need some advice. Please. It may very well c... 36 Damsel niccole 5 days ago
Yeah I'm ok are you ok yeah I'm ok - I appreciate you guys. It`s been a... 18 kateummslala kateummslala 5 days ago
Just call me the kid from the Cosby Show - I was borderline rude today. ... 3 Spoonerism Spoonerism 5 days ago
What movies/ documentaries will expand my husbands societal perspectives? 12 NicolesLove Orion 6 days ago
Four day weeks are better than three day weekends. - Turn on ESPN if you&... 35 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 7 days ago
You're like a shooting star in the rain 49 Rag_Doll_ CuckingFunt 7 days ago
Work - Topics of discussion tonight included: Is ranch dressing garbage? ... 34 cpayne Kraken 7 days ago
this is so fcking highschool - i am literally sitting in my college`s lib... 12 eggsandrice Sonita888 7 days ago
This Guy Has Said "Cyanide Pill" Four Times in the Last 10 Minutes. 8 _Ghoul_ eggsandrice 8 days ago
What Is Playing This Weekend That Is Worth Watching? - I want to go see a... 17 Damsel Damsel 8 days ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 377 cola snowbdr88 8 days ago
The Mystery. - I can`t believe this has happened to me. I went onto "... 6 cronch _Ghoul_ 9 days ago
About School - I reached out to a school, a college via an online form an... 12 Damsel mousepelled 11 days ago
I have a face mask on. Its an interesting experience. - I`ve never face m... 24 NicolesLove NicolesLove 11 days ago
Randomness - There is a "borrow a dog for a day" program. I re... 21 Damsel Damsel 11 days ago
Have a happy and safe Labor Day - Guess what I`ve been doing the last hou... 19 postallbear amaqdrinker 11 days ago
New Adventure - Yesterday I went to Brisbane for a Ghibli fest thing a li... 34 hamletsghost birdsong4j 13 days ago
Weak end. Lately at least. - I’m kind of stumbling into weekends s... 18 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 13 days ago
So I got drinks with some former coworkers last night - And they informed... 10 CRA-Z_HEART Rag_Doll_ 14 days ago
The last journal post was 9 hours ago? Good grief. Here are some QUESTIONS. 40 BlackBird77 peledavid16 14 days ago
Update on my balls - So yesterday I had surgery to remove this big cyst o... 48 CuckingFunt tulip 15 days ago
Parent-parent conference scheduled for tomorrow - The ex and I are meetin... 5 WonderLand42 petitefleur 15 days ago

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