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Too Much - There is too much homework this week. Two of my classes are s... 279 Damsel Damsel 1 hr ago
Who is funnier Kai Chisaki from Bnha/My Hero Academia or Kakashi Hatake from Naruto? 25 Emogirl1314 Disappears 4 hrs ago
Let's see somthin - I bet $184492184 that you didn`t read that number. Ju... 1 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 13 hrs ago
On a scale of blundering virgin to berserk... 42 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 15 hrs ago
Ham bone ideas. - I have a ham bone and some hand. I want to make a soup... 141 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 days ago
Ummm... - I just realized this website is older than me... Fun right? `~`... 14 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 7 days ago
Ookers gonna ook - There`s this assclown running a Twitter account that i... 6 CroJu amaqdrinker 8 days ago
So, I was dumped because of Quarantine. Thanks, Corona. - Okay, he didn... 99 eggsandrice Damsel 8 days ago
Tonight is for cleaning and internet - Vacuum check Laundry going check E... 463 mousepelled mousepelled 9 days ago
Still. Not. Dead - So thought I`d check in with you peons. You having a g... 6 strummerette postallbear 10 days ago
Let's Play a Quarantine Game!!! - Two Truths and a Lie anyone? I shall st... 35 Krymson Emogirl1314 11 days ago
Never Too late - Three Days Grace - So I have really bad depression appar... 25 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 11 days ago
Ok, so I am curious.... - .... Which natural disaster out of the ones lis... 26 Krymson Emogirl1314 11 days ago
Feel the pain and keep it all in till you die - What`s up, draters? I`m n... 32 CuckingFunt Emogirl1314 11 days ago
I got 99 problems and no toilet paper is one - Mail me TP please lol How ... 23 Krymson Emogirl1314 14 days ago
Hi. It's been 190 days - Hey you guys. It`s been awhile, again. Just want... 24 EhFahQ sheady 18 days ago
Crush - My crush/bff. Really likes me. He said. YayayayayayayYY. ... 4 Northernprin Emogirl1314 19 days ago
Naruto - Again, I was watching Naruto on on The Jiraiya and Pein arc. But... 10 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 19 days ago
Quarintennis. - My serve is rusty. But it feels not bad. Second serve i... 309 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 21 days ago
you're probably going to get triggered by this, and i don't care, i can blame this on my bleeding vagina 57 TRIandUMPH _Ghoul_ 23 days ago
Math Time - Halp? For her phone service, Jane pays a monthly fee of $15, ... 76 Damsel Damsel 24 days ago
Relapsed Again - So I’ve been on this nofap thing (except for femal... 5 TaylorGang postallbear 25 days ago
hey yt - i thought i`d make a drunken journal for old times sake because ... 19 skyfish Damsel 28 days ago
Quarantined? What a great time to come back to this website! - Hello YT. ... 14 mikegrella mikegrella 1 mo ago
Would you fart on me? - For $435... 5 10000cats postallbear 1 mo ago

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