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Do mismatched socks annoy you? - I hate mismatched socks. I will sit t... 4 Puller CowDung 3 hrs ago
How old were you when you got your first cellphone? - I was talking to a... 10 snarf snarf 5 hrs ago
Which KUWK sister would win in a fight? - I think Kim would win in a 1on1... 1 Puller Puller 14 hrs ago
Do you live within an hour's drive of the border of your current time zone? 5 CowDung Inquizitor2 2 days ago
Do you think youthink should die? - I come back every year or so and am a... 5 Oblivious skyfish 8 days ago
Would you be embarrassed if someone was to go through your camera roll? 15 Puller psyndrone 15 days ago
Do you snore? - Right now I can hear my dad snoring super loud from down ... 7 Catbug Puller 27 days ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 61 Inquizitor2 its2simple 1 mo ago
How do you feel America is handling the COVID-19 outbreak? - Its so over ... 31 Emogirl1314 bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Is it 2018? - It is not. ... 43 peledavid16 bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Would you adopt a pet that will probably outlive you? - Not talking about... 6 Abzurd Sammy 1 mo ago
Catholic or Protestant? - Buddhist. But I`m from a Catholic famil... 15 Sean_Chaos CowDung 1 mo ago
Are you cisgendered? - I think I am. But does it count as non-cisgende... 59 womersley Mat 1 mo ago
Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore? - Thank you, everyone who supported... 1 orangefanta orangefanta 1 mo ago
Should employees of non profit organizations earn only what they need to live? 10 ClarencY CowDung 2 mos ago
Do you have a favorite flavor of Vitamin Water? - I hate Vitamin water. ... 28 DruidMoon bookworm0812 2 mos ago
Do you p*rnounce the biscuits Nice like the French city or the concept of kindness? 8 peledavid16 peledavid16 2 mos ago
Have you lost or gained more than 100 pounds after turning 18? - Since bi... 22 snowbdr88 psyndrone 3 mos ago
Would you rather be in great shape and moderately successfully at work, or fat and out of shape but extremely successful at work? 8 Mat CowDung 3 mos ago
Have you ever moved to another continent? - No, I don`t intend to, I`m fi... 5 Bogdanek mikegrella 3 mos ago
Is Rock and Roll here to stay? - fisrt!!!!!!111!!!1!! ... 22 dortitties TartarSauce 3 mos ago
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? - I follow my own fashion rules.... 28 thisone1 GoManGo 3 mos ago
How do you p*rnounce Caribbean? - I say it both ways. ... 9 womersley GoManGo 3 mos ago
Is it 2020? - No. ... 9 peledavid16 GoManGo 3 mos ago
Which show do you prefer over the other? - I like the office better becau... 4 snarf mikegrella 3 mos ago

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