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How likely are you to kill someone?
Take this test to see if you have what it takes to kill!
personality test

1What would you do if your annoying younger sibling through a stuffed rabbit at you?
Kiss it and give it back nicly
Tear its head off and eat it
Through it back with good aim
Give it back with out any damage done
2How you ever shot anything?
Yes, i`m a hunter/ professional shotter
I have gone hunting ever now and again
I have shot some one but didn`t kill them
Guns? Are you mad!
3Do you highly respect all human life?
Of corse!
Human life is nothing to me
Sorta, 1 life isn`t much in the big world
Human life should be highly respected and not tampered with because every one has feelings!
4Why did you take this test?
I`m affraid...
Is this a real question?
All of the above
5Has any one your family ever been in jail for any violence related crimes?
My family would never do that!
6What would you do if you where watching some one get murdered on a tv show/ movie?
Watch with interest and pick up some imporatant facts on killing
Turn away and through up in disgust
Just watch it like the rest of the movie
Skip the scene
7If you where a roman back in the old days, how would you entertain your self?
Read some scriptues
Go to the colossuem for some blood `n` gore!
Watch two fighting chickens attack each other
I would lock my self up because the outside would is too unhumain!
8How would you spend your day?
With friends doing normal stuff
Up in my dark room
Playing with my barbie dolls and stuffed toys
Video games with some killin` envolved
9Do you like watching violent sports or tv programs such as wreastling?
Hell ye!
Nah, i prefer my drama shows thanks
A bit, i`m not a fan though
I watch it reguarly but not too much.

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