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Female, 37 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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I wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high - Mood:Good
Thursday February 20 20207:30:18 AM |
What's going on?

I have had the week off for half term break. My son was meant to be in nursery Monday but couldn't go because of floods. So he and I spent the day together stuck in the house.

Tuesday he went to nursery and I had the day to myself. I ate really well and got a lot of schoolwork done. I wrote 16 lesson plans for my literacy assignment.

Yesterday my MIL came over and we all went to the garden centre and had a subpar lunch followed by soft play.

Today I'm home with my son and we're straight up chilling. Just playing with all of the toys.

Tomorrow I am being indulgent and having a spa day.

How are you and when were you last an indulgent hedonist?

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Fill in the blank - Mood:Good
Sunday December 15 20196:25:31 AM |
God is
I wish I could
When I was five I wanted
My greatest fear is
I hate everything about
Christmas dinner wouldn't be complete without
Something I will never try again is
My autobiography will be called
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Look who had a cameo in my son`s new book - Mood:Good
Saturday November 30 20194:00:29 AM |

Not much else exciting to share with you guys other than that though. Ooh except we had a hole cut between our kitchen and living room. That's exciting and revolutionary.

I'm cooking a frozen Thanksgiving tomorrow except for the box stuffing and mac and cheese. I have to go out later to buy everything. Just my immediate family though, so two adults and one child

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Any Bing watchers out there? I have pressing questions about the Bing universe. - Mood:Good
Sunday November 03 20194:58:57 AM |
Like, why is Padgett so useless? Especially in the swing episode where she keeps pushing Pando while mildly chastising him. The worst

Why are the houses built so big? Clearly they're too big for the kids and stitched parents.

Also why are the kids we know the only ones in the Bing universe? I saw a stitched parent with a stitched kid and it blew my mind.

Hey Duggee is clearly superior.

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A Spooktacle - Mood:Good
Sunday October 20 201911:59:35 AM |
YT's annual Halloween thread.

Post your costumes, your child's costumes, your jack-o'-lanterns, your decorations...

I wanna see.

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So my dad is dead - Mood:Good
Thursday October 17 201912:17:37 PM |
I usually refer to him as my sperm donor.

Last spoke to him when I was 18 to ask for his financial help with college. After paying 17 years of child support and never expressing any doubt about being my father, he called my mother a slut and said I'd have to take a DNA test. I hung up on him and never spoke again.

It's very strange reading others' impressions of him via the online guest book for the funeral home.

He and his wife apparently had two dogs that they lovingly referred to as their kids.

No mention of my existence in the obit.

I feel weird.

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My friend ship sailed away - Mood:Good
Sunday September 22 20192:40:57 AM |
I'm the kind of person who doesn't have tons of close friends. Usually one or two really close friends and that's it. Also among my wider friend circle, they're not usually all part of one big friend group.

I think I'm kind of selective but not snobby. It's just that my personality isn't one of those that instaclicks with everyone. My husband is like that. He can make friends with literally everybody. But he hates people.

Anyway, I was on Facebook and looking at a party from one of my old very close friends, Laura. We were best friends for a year or so before our parents had a falling out, causing difficulty in maintaining the friendship.

It made me wonder, what Impression do these people have of me who knew me quite well for a snapshot into a tiny window of my life.

It's not just Laura. There are several friendships lasting perhaps two years.

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Is this real life? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 15 20193:25:20 PM |
Is it just fantasy
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Just call me the kid from the Cosby Show - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 10 20193:08:46 AM |
I was borderline rude today. My ticket wasn't working at the train station and the employee working there was texting someone on his phone.

I went up to him and said, "can you help me?"

No please. No hello. Just direct. He let me in. No thank you.

Is this what lawful neutral feels like?

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What are three things you like about yourself? - Mood:Good
Monday September 09 20191:33:49 AM |
For me...

1-my ability to forgive others
2-my compassion
3-my sense of humor (more like my not so serious sense of self)

Started my new job. It's going well. Have a bunch of stuff to do all the time now. And a stupid commute.

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Learning stuff - Mood:Good
Saturday August 10 20194:24:26 PM |
Sometimes I'll learn something that leaves me floored that I never learned about it prior.

Today that something was the Mexican Repatriation Act. In which 400,000-2,000,000 people were forcibly deported to Mexico, 60% of them being birthright citizens.

What have you learned that's left you surprised or horrified?

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Vacay holiday - Mood:Good
Thursday August 08 20199:52:43 AM |
Just got back from a trip to Lisbon. It was the longest I've ever been apart from my son, which was challenging. He apparently did fine. I struggled a bit.

But Lisbon was beautiful. It was my first trip to mainland Europe.

On our first day we went for pastel de nata and it was more delicious than I could have imagined. 5/5.

Then we rented electric bikes for a self guided tour from Sintra to Cascais but my bike was too tall for me and it made it really difficult to control when traffic got hairy. Then our GPS broke. So we ended up having to walk the bikes back. This resulted in a lot of bruises and difficulty. 0/5.

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Back in action - Mood:Good
Sunday June 09 201911:51:43 AM |
Yay yt is back. I missed you guys.

I'm about a month into the new job. It's more complex than I thought at first. I like it in theory but I worry about when people call for things that aren't covered. Having to say no is hard especially when it's something I disagree with.

Being full time again has been an adjustment. I feel like I 100% need an espresso drink every day.

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Why was David Letterman such a dick? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 08 201912:57:16 AM |
I'm awake at 5:50, gross, so journal time.

I recently saw an interview of Richard Simmons by letterman and he was a total wad of dick. It was really awful to watch. Apparently it was a thing? Simmons was a regular and letterman always borderline cruel.


Starting my new job next week.

YouTube it. Share my wtfing.

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Not much to say - Mood:Good
Saturday April 20 20193:51:56 PM |
Just feeling weird. My former best friend's mom just posted on Facebook that her mom (my friend's grandma) passed away. She lived pretty far away but I met her a few times.

It feels odd to learn of her death through this means... We don't even talk anymore.

I don't really have much else to say.

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Noice - Mood:Good
Friday March 29 20194:38:32 PM |
I recently found out the raise I'd been promised before I took maternity leave (was meant to take place in April, so should have been in effect when I returned in September) never happened. And because I was working fewer hours and our paychecks don't actually list our pay rate, I never caught the error until looking at redundancy packages and comparing mine to others on the same pay scale.

I brought it up and was told that because the team leader who I discussed it with was no longer employed by the company, and because I hadn't caught the error sooner, and because the notes from my monthly meeting with my team leader are not legally binding, I could go f*ck myself.

I didn't care for this, so I filed a grievance about it.

Anyway, the result of the grievance was that they are going to pay me back pay from when the raise should have gone into effect.

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I got the job! - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 05 20193:28:32 PM |
Didn't want to say anything about it and jinx it but I applied for a teaching program where you work in the classroom for a year as an unqualified teacher and finish the year accredited.

When I applied, I was told that it was extremely difficult to be successful in my situation because schools typically only take on unqualified teachers they already know. But I stuck with it because it's my only option as I can't afford not to work for a year to do the other program.

I did really well in my first interview but the ladies who interviewed me said again it was a difficult situation and they would try to find a school if they could.

They found one and I interviewed yesterday. Got the call tonight to say I'm in!

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The Red Power Ranger - Mood:Good
Sunday February 24 20194:09:53 PM |
Sadly, the weekend is coming to a close. It's been a productive one with hints of spring. In fact, the weather the past two days has been nothing short of glorious. Yesterday we maximised the sunshine by spending the bulk of the day outside. Today I had a lot of meal prep to do for the week ahead so we couldn't spend quite as much time outside but we still took a long walk to the shop and got a lot of sunshine on the way.

I love spring. I love it so much. I almost love it more than fall. (I used to think that spring was my favourite season, but I've come to realise that fall has the edge). Still, spring is fantastic. The days get longer, the earth warms up, ducklings and goslings are about, and most importantly, the trees come back.

God damn do I love looking at trees. Do any of you feel the same way?
I'm exhausted. But the weekend has been good.

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Life goes on - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 20 20199:30:40 AM |
Can we agree collectively to not abbreviate Saudi Arabia as SA, because I always read it as South Africa.

I have the week off from work this week. I was meant to work Friday but my MIL told me the wrong travel dates. But I don't mind because work was cool about it and bonus day off with my son.

He's getting to a really fun age of exploration and confidence building. It's delightful to watch.

We tried to go to the park and use the swing today but they were cutting the grass so we turned back home with a quick pitstop to see the ducks.

But it was a blessing in disguise because as soon as we were by the house it started to rain.

Still no luck on the job search. I had a crazy interview the other day for a teaching job that would start in September. It went as well as it could have and they loved me but it's still really

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I get so annoyed by Facebook - Mood:Good
Saturday February 09 201912:38:27 PM |
Especially the posts that get repeated.

Like this one

. I've seen so many versions of this post and none of them are good.

What would your version say?

Mine could accurately be cheese.

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Miss list - Mood:Good
Friday February 01 20192:56:56 AM |
I'm making a list of things I want from America, so I need your help.

If you were to move away from your home (or if you have) what would you miss most?

My list so far :
Adobo seasoning
Old bay seasoning
Apple butter
Tom's of Maine toothpaste

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I`m hot then I`m cold - Mood:Good
Thursday January 31 20191:01:53 AM |
Tonight, my husband saved my life.

I've had the flu. And last night I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe.

But tonight he went to the store and bought breatheright strips, lozenges, and the really soft tissues. When he delivered them to me in bed, they were accompanied by a cup of hot tea and a cup of cold ice cream.

I don't get sick often but this is the second time this year! First was norovirus. I think I preferred that, even though it was awful it was gone in 24 hours. Today is day 4 of this sh*t.

Do you have any secret remedies or weird treatments when you're sick?

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Queries to pass the time - Mood:Good
Sunday December 23 20184:03:39 AM |
1. What's your favourite piece of clothing?
2. What food(s) is/are quintessential to a Christmas dinner?
3. What's the best gift you've ever given?
4. What's the best you've received?
5. What YTer do you wish would come back?
6. What would surprise us to learn about you?
7. If you could do any other job than the one you're doing, what would it be?
8. If you could freeze yourself at any age, what age would you go with?
9. Time travel- - -forwards or backwards?
10. Which eye of the stove is your favourite?
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Trains are the worst - Mood:Good
Monday December 17 201812:41:20 PM |
Today I went into work to host a charity function. We held a bake sale fundraiser in addition to a swab drive to join the bone marrow registry.

It wasn't especially successful, raising £46 and adding 20 people to the registry in total.

We had a few more interested but who ultimately decided they wanted to do more research into the donation process before signing up.

After it ended, I headed out as fast as possible to catch the train. I practically ran the entire way. On my way in to the station, I was delayed by a slow poke on the stairs and a malfunctioning entry gate. I literally missed the train by seconds. So now I'm sat here waiting on the next one.

Also my boobs hurt and I'm tired.

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Ash`s Annual Elf on the Shelf complaints - Mood:Good
Thursday December 06 20186:31:26 AM |
Another year has passed and my hatred for the creepy peeping Tom has only grown.

It's almost irrational, my level of hatred towards it. Lately I've seen the following on Facebook :

And I'm just wondering why you'd buy the elf if you don't want to engage in the super creepy moving him nightly thing. Isn't that the principle thing about him? It's supposed to "make Christmas more magical"?

More like make Christmas more capitalist (as if that were possible).

Humbug, I say.

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