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This is the story of a champion… - Let me tell you. The greatness ... 81 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 40 mins ago
1 a day (maybe) - lift off [image]... 19 lemontootie 1-800vertigo 19 hrs ago
Wednesday January 2022 - Had a dream I met this dude and his baby brother... 13 HunnyDew 1-800vertigo 19 hrs ago
It's 4:03 and I can't sleep without you next to me in toss and turn like the seas. 7 YUHyogg YUHyogg 2 days ago
Where's my content? - I believe I was on here some years earlier to find ... 3 MetroidFan14 amaqdrinker 2 days ago
Hi. It's been X days - You know that scene in the last Matrix movie where... 207 EhFahQ EhFahQ 3 days ago
Annoying people that can't speak English - I work in data entry for a pop... 2 Whinebag Mat 5 days ago
Brady Babys baptism <3 - Was supposed to be at the game but I forgot m... 10 HunnyDew 1-800vertigo 5 days ago
Salt Lake City! - My mom finally moved me out of Turkey. Now I live in SL... 5 Itcho amaqdrinker 5 days ago
Was insane, am no longer mentally ill, was fixed thx - Haven`t been able ... 4 1-800vertigo Itcho 5 days ago
Proceed to Youthink.com (unsafe) - They really dropped the ball. You have... 9 WobblyCat Itcho 5 days ago
YT anniversary - 17 years today..... 11 tulip YUHyogg 6 days ago
Ads - Is it the rose tinted goggles or did YT use to have fewer advertise... 3 The-Auditor The-Auditor 10 days ago
13 years !!! - today is the day !! my account would be mid-way through m... 15 lemontootie lemontootie 13 days ago
Merry christmas Youthinkers. - I have been cooking all day. Hope your chr... 8 tulip Sammy 19 days ago
why didnt u come home.... - why..... [image] aftr every thing we`ve been ... 7 lemontootie lemontootie 20 days ago
ode to my beloved - ;-() this has been the only emoticon to ever get me,... 12 lemontootie lemontootie 21 days ago
To New Mexico - When I was a sophomore I wanted to run away to New Mexico... 21 HunnyDew 1-800vertigo 28 days ago
Wake up at 4 can't sleep - Um no I don`t like him I just think about him... 37 HunnyDew amaqdrinker 30 days ago
Pack your bags we’ll leave tonight. - I’m referring to that s... 1048 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 mo ago
Sorry that I keep posting about my dreams here - Had to write about this ... 33 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 1 mo ago
SICK LOL SICK LOL - Had to call in today because I think I have some sor... 8 HunnyDew 1-800vertigo 1 mo ago
Not at all in a bad place - Alright um haha Yesterday I took the train t... 12 HunnyDew 1-800vertigo 1 mo ago

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